Anmäl dig till vårens föreläsningar

  • 3 mar 2024

We are approaching our first of our 2024 ILCA Sweden speaker series March 14th: Ian presents Claes Lundin’s Videos on Protesting.

Read more how to sign up...

To attend please send an email saying that you would like to attend the talks to:

Please include some form of proof of payment of your ILCA SWE dues. This could be a screenshot of your membership card or a screenshot showing you paid ILCA Sweden in 2024, for example.

If you live outside of Sweden you can instead show that you have your own regional ILCA class membership is up-to-date.

The talks will be on Microsoft Teams and you will need a link which will be emailed out on the day of each talk.

With our new website and membership system, previous members should have received an invoice for renewing their membership in 2024 sent to the email address that ILCA Sweden would have on file for you. Otherwise there is information on how to become a member here:

How confident are you if you have to go to the Protest room?